The coming Civil War II

Its getting closer by the day, and the good news is that we don’t have to dig our uniforms out of the seabag.

Despite rumors to the contrary, the US Civil War was all about states rights. The Federal government, aided by the northern industrialist, was running roughshod over the southern states. The result was a long and bloody war that still lives on.

So here we are in 2015 and look around, do you see a Washington that’s running roughshod over the states? do you see legislation that’s voted on by the states voters being overturned by the courts? Do you see state laws being overturned by the courts? Taxes and spending that’s out of control, debt that can never be repaid, and an irresponsible leadership in Washington.

We can all take up our guns and start another revolution or we can call for a “Convention of the states”. This is a safety switch that was written into the constitution in Article V, that allows the constitution to be amended by the state legislatures vice the US congress.


Read the details and watch the video, then sign the petition and get involved. There is no easy solution, but the power to change must be wrestled away from the current political powers. We need a balanced budget, tax reform, a reigned in presidential power, and a government that represents the people not the special interests.

Please read about the ‘convention of states’ and urge your state to join in this historic event!



New Subtraction

Gimmme another break.

My wife told me about a new subtraction that is all adding, and they are teaching this in the schools, Teachers are confused, kids are confused and parents are lost. So the poor kids of 2014 will be idiots by the time they graduate from High School.

So I watched a video about the new subtraction method. Unbelievable! Something as simple as borrowing 1 is now replaced with adding 10 and a negative number and subtracting 1 from the next column! Duh!

Its the same concept, but made so silly that it makes my head hurt. There is a nice Utube video you can search for, and then ask your self. WTF? Why is it we spend billions a year on education only to have some nonsense like this work its way into the system.

There was a recent story about a kindergarten teach that quit because she was no longer teaching the kids anything but how to pass the federally mandated tests! No wonder Obama is building a Social nation. In another 10 years no one will know how to do anything, and we will all be on the dole.



And Stuff Happens

So over my 64 years, I’ve had a lot of ‘ those’ moments. Like I was being guided by a spirit that would try its best to keep me out of trouble or steer me to learn something special.
My first recollection was as a boy under age 5. I was outside playing and saw this horrible bug on the steps on the side of the house. I got a stick and tried many times to hit it but try as I might my stick would always miss. So I went inside and told my dad there was an ugly bug and I couldn’t kill it. When he came out to see this ugly bug, he laughed and taught me about the praying Mantis and how good they were and their ability to adapt to their environment.
And mostly It was a good thing that I wasn’t able to kill it. And that was the beginning.

Somewhere around the same time, My mother recalls how I was sitting on the landing overlooking the stairway to the second floor in our house on Connecticut avenue. my legs were between the railings and I was watching them come upstairs to get me from the upstairs tenant that was babysitting me. She says I said, “This is just like when I was in heaven, I looked down and I saw you and picked you to be my parents.”
Of course my mother thought this was cute and would always bring it up at the most awkward times.
Then many years later (20 or so) I was looking for something to read in the Library and wandered into the Jess Stern book section, and “Search for the girl with blue eyes” caught my eye. As I read about this girl and her past life regressions, there was a part when she told her father, “I looked down and I saw you and picked you to be my parents”! I was blown away! So it happens to other and not just to me. Amazing.

the common weal


So I was a smoker. I quit when the Gov of MD decided he was going to raise the cigarette tax 25 cents a pack. I decided I wasn’t going to fund the government through my habit.

This was 1995 +/-. Since then the Cigarette taxes have escalated astronomically!. Warnings abound everywhere, restrictions are more imposing every year. Most of all the MD tobacco farmers have been bought out and their land prohibited from ever farming tobacco.

So one would have to conclude that Cigarette smoking is dangerous to the smoker and the people around the smoker, ie second hand smoke. Our beloved government has gone out of its way to dissuade us from smoking. However they have not done the one thing that seems logical too me if smoking was so dangerous.. That would be to stop the sale of tobacco products.

So think about it.. Are our lawmakers interested in our health and well being, or are they merely looking for a way to put more TAX money in their pockets!!?

Then ask yourself, why is Marijuana suddenly becoming legal? Is there some new study that shows that all the harmful effects from 30+ years ago have gone away? People in the 1970’s and 80’s went to prison for possession of Marijuana, and had a mark on their record for life. What about all the military that flunked a pee test and were discharged.. Careers ruined, and families torn apart. But what the heck its ok now! Wanna know why???? Its because there will be tax revenue! More money to fill the pockets of the politicians.

So how is the government watching out for our health and well being?? If you know the answer to that one please let me know.

Lastly I need to thank CVS for finally having the corporate stamina to quit selling tobacco. KUDOS to you. I always knew I liked your stores for a reason. Thank you


Saving your money

Way back when the saving and loans, and pension plans collapesd, there was a government invention caled the IRA. Where one could invest money and let it grow tax deferred. The taxes would be paid when you were older and your income would be taxed at a lower rate. Sounds pretty good

So as time moves on, the fallicy of it all comes out and your offered a ROTH ira where you pay the tax now and you draw the growth tax free.

I guess someone figured out that as you get older you will have less income, but you have less deductions, and the tax rates will be higher!

I do believe we have been lead down the rosey path by our politicians.

Wadda ya mean T…


Wadda ya mean They dont do it like that any more???

So, here I am. 64 years old and cant seem to make sense of what they call advancements.

I was brought up in a simple suburban New England town. Lots of kids to play with, and love of girls to fall in love with. We played baseball, and football, and rode rickety, kid repaired bikes without helmets. How ever did we all survive? And we all climbed trees, tall ones, often much higher than the roof of our 2 story home. We would walk into town, go to the movies, walk home. A mile or 2 walk was very common, and there was no worry that we would be abducted on our trip. (Unless it was by Aliens). So this blog will pose all these questions and hopefully some of you will join me in Taking off your helmet when you ride your bike or leave the seatbelt in the stowed position. I just dont see the need for the Gov to tell me how to live MY life.