The coming Civil War II

Its getting closer by the day, and the good news is that we don’t have to dig our uniforms out of the seabag.

Despite rumors to the contrary, the US Civil War was all about states rights. The Federal government, aided by the northern industrialist, was running roughshod over the southern states. The result was a long and bloody war that still lives on.

So here we are in 2015 and look around, do you see a Washington that’s running roughshod over the states? do you see legislation that’s voted on by the states voters being overturned by the courts? Do you see state laws being overturned by the courts? Taxes and spending that’s out of control, debt that can never be repaid, and an irresponsible leadership in Washington.

We can all take up our guns and start another revolution or we can call for a “Convention of the states”. This is a safety switch that was written into the constitution in Article V, that allows the constitution to be amended by the state legislatures vice the US congress.


Read the details and watch the video, then sign the petition and get involved. There is no easy solution, but the power to change must be wrestled away from the current political powers. We need a balanced budget, tax reform, a reigned in presidential power, and a government that represents the people not the special interests.

Please read about the ‘convention of states’ and urge your state to join in this historic event!



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