And Stuff Happens

So over my 64 years, I’ve had a lot of ‘ those’ moments. Like I was being guided by a spirit that would try its best to keep me out of trouble or steer me to learn something special.
My first recollection was as a boy under age 5. I was outside playing and saw this horrible bug on the steps on the side of the house. I got a stick and tried many times to hit it but try as I might my stick would always miss. So I went inside and told my dad there was an ugly bug and I couldn’t kill it. When he came out to see this ugly bug, he laughed and taught me about the praying Mantis and how good they were and their ability to adapt to their environment.
And mostly It was a good thing that I wasn’t able to kill it. And that was the beginning.

Somewhere around the same time, My mother recalls how I was sitting on the landing overlooking the stairway to the second floor in our house on Connecticut avenue. my legs were between the railings and I was watching them come upstairs to get me from the upstairs tenant that was babysitting me. She says I said, “This is just like when I was in heaven, I looked down and I saw you and picked you to be my parents.”
Of course my mother thought this was cute and would always bring it up at the most awkward times.
Then many years later (20 or so) I was looking for something to read in the Library and wandered into the Jess Stern book section, and “Search for the girl with blue eyes” caught my eye. As I read about this girl and her past life regressions, there was a part when she told her father, “I looked down and I saw you and picked you to be my parents”! I was blown away! So it happens to other and not just to me. Amazing.