the common weal


So I was a smoker. I quit when the Gov of MD decided he was going to raise the cigarette tax 25 cents a pack. I decided I wasn’t going to fund the government through my habit.

This was 1995 +/-. Since then the Cigarette taxes have escalated astronomically!. Warnings abound everywhere, restrictions are more imposing every year. Most of all the MD tobacco farmers have been bought out and their land prohibited from ever farming tobacco.

So one would have to conclude that Cigarette smoking is dangerous to the smoker and the people around the smoker, ie second hand smoke. Our beloved government has gone out of its way to dissuade us from smoking. However they have not done the one thing that seems logical too me if smoking was so dangerous.. That would be to stop the sale of tobacco products.

So think about it.. Are our lawmakers interested in our health and well being, or are they merely looking for a way to put more TAX money in their pockets!!?

Then ask yourself, why is Marijuana suddenly becoming legal? Is there some new study that shows that all the harmful effects from 30+ years ago have gone away? People in the 1970’s and 80’s went to prison for possession of Marijuana, and had a mark on their record for life. What about all the military that flunked a pee test and were discharged.. Careers ruined, and families torn apart. But what the heck its ok now! Wanna know why???? Its because there will be tax revenue! More money to fill the pockets of the politicians.

So how is the government watching out for our health and well being?? If you know the answer to that one please let me know.

Lastly I need to thank CVS for finally having the corporate stamina to quit selling tobacco. KUDOS to you. I always knew I liked your stores for a reason. Thank you