New Subtraction

Gimmme another break.

My wife told me about a new subtraction that is all adding, and they are teaching this in the schools, Teachers are confused, kids are confused and parents are lost. So the poor kids of 2014 will be idiots by the time they graduate from High School.

So I watched a video about the new subtraction method. Unbelievable! Something as simple as borrowing 1 is now replaced with adding 10 and a negative number and subtracting 1 from the next column! Duh!

Its the same concept, but made so silly that it makes my head hurt. There is a nice Utube video you can search for, and then ask your self. WTF? Why is it we spend billions a year on education only to have some nonsense like this work its way into the system.

There was a recent story about a kindergarten teach that quit because she was no longer teaching the kids anything but how to pass the federally mandated tests! No wonder Obama is building a Social nation. In another 10 years no one will know how to do anything, and we will all be on the dole.