Wadda ya mean T…


Wadda ya mean They dont do it like that any more???

So, here I am. 64 years old and cant seem to make sense of what they call advancements.

I was brought up in a simple suburban New England town. Lots of kids to play with, and love of girls to fall in love with. We played baseball, and football, and rode rickety, kid repaired bikes without helmets. How ever did we all survive? And we all climbed trees, tall ones, often much higher than the roof of our 2 story home. We would walk into town, go to the movies, walk home. A mile or 2 walk was very common, and there was no worry that we would be abducted on our trip. (Unless it was by Aliens). So this blog will pose all these questions and hopefully some of you will join me in Taking off your helmet when you ride your bike or leave the seatbelt in the stowed position. I just dont see the need for the Gov to tell me how to live MY life.